Our Mission

Everyone deserves to be warm; a NEW COAT is one small way to help.


In 2009 my kids and I decided to make a simple choice. That year, as part of our Christmas, we bought a handful of new coats, and then donated them. The thought was simple – give a little instead of just receiving.  The process was even easier – just buy a few new coats. It was meant to be a single act to help show my kids the good things people can do.

The next year something happened.  My kids asked if we were donating coats again. “Of course we are!” But then they asked if we could do more.  “Of course – we can always do more!”  So that next year we gave a little more. Since then, we have tried to “give a little more” each and every year. So far we have succeeded. The reason we have succeeded is because of people like you.

In 2011, we raised a little money and donated a little more. Ultimately that year we bought 126 brand new coats to donate. In 2012 we raised even more money; and donated some more as well. We bought 454 new coats for the now Annual event. Each and every year we try to raise more money to buy more coats.

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Poul Lemasters
Executive Director, Founder

You see our Coat Drive is a bit unique in that we don’t ask for coats— we ask for money. Why? Because kids deserve more than a warm coat; they deserve a brand new warm coat. With the money we raise we go on a shopping spree each year to buy as many new coats as we can. We then bring the coats to schools in Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia as well as St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati where we donate them all! 

So now I ask you— will you help with the Annual Coat Drive? Understand that a new coat normally costs around $30 (we partner with Operation Warm for our coats, so we get them at about half that cost!) so a small contribution makes a big difference. 

I know you can help, but will you help? We know a lot of kids who hope you do.  

Max and Chloe help unload the truck full of coats.